Drummer, percussionist Travis Whitmore received his first drum kit at around the age of 6 and has had a passion for music ever since. As a self-taught drummer, it was his love of jazz music that built the foundation of his playing. From there, watching and listening to other drummers from all genres spanning from fusion & alternative to rock & country has allowed for many opportunities in the music industry.

Whether on stage or in the studio, the challenge to "play what's right for the song" is what continues to develop his style and versatility as a musician.

Over the years, Travis' experiences range from touring North America to working as a session drummer in Nashville. Artists include Matt Brouwer, Sawyer Brown, Virginia Coalition, The Steel Wheels and more.

Whitmore's experience in the music industry has been much more than sitting behind a drum kit. From working at Pearl Drums and sitting behind a desk at a jazz record label to co-owning a local recording studio, Travis has gained invaluable insight into the business side of things. Travis understands and appreciates the amount of work it takes to be a successful independent musician. 

Currently residing in his hometown in Virginia, Travis plays regularly at local venues & festivals and picks up a variety of gigs along the way. He co-owns Blue Sprocket Sound and offers custom drum tracks to producers and musicians from around the world. Whitmore is also working on new releases as an independent artist including play-along tracks for fellow drummers. 

Over and beyond music, Whitmore is likely spending time with his wife and 3 children, making a strong cup of coffee or on a bike ride. 

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